Computer-Guided Implant Surgery

Computer-Guided Implant Surgery represents a significant advancement in dental implant treatment planning and placement.

Maximizes precision during every step in care

A computer-guided implant procedure involves the use of sophisticated 3-D imaging technology to collect diagnostic data for planning and performing implant procedures tailored to the specifics of a patient's anatomy. Advanced imaging and integrated software analyses allow our oral surgeon to "virtually" plan an implant procedure and select the optimal site beforehand.

Facilitates predictable results and stable, long-lasting treatment outcomes

Using the highly detailed 3D diagnostic information gathered, our office can custom design and fabricate a precise surgical guide. As used in dental implant placement procedures, it facilitates accurate positioning and supports better treatment outcomes.

At ANEWU, we go beyond the perfect smile. We rebuild complete smiles with life-changing dental implants, while also offering transformative facial aesthetics to accentuate your natural beauty. Imagine a more youthful, radiant you – where your smile seamlessly blends with a flawless complexion.

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